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Why we do

Information Technology Learning Hub (ITLH), an initiative of an IT firm ‘Centillion-a division of Amexs Business Solutions Pvt LTD’, is started with the intent of helping students improve their coding skill and knowledge by real life practical experience.

ITLH has pledged to redefine professional skill development of youth by giving them an opportunity of experiential learning and imparting them with practical knowledge. Learning and growth is being redefined and students are looking for solutions that are of quality.

Time and time again we come across posts on social media or some other news, that points towards the need to transform our education system and make it more relevant to the current times.

This couldn’t be more true. In a global technological landscape that is changing so rapidly, its asking for learning to be more hands on, specific and agile.
Our current graduate degrees are built on offering variety, and minimal specialisation. This idea of specialising along with gaining practical experiences is what the job market is looking for.
Did you know, Only 7% Engineers in India are employable, and even in these cases, companies play a big role.

This has created a huge gap in the market between company requirements and student’s capabilities post graduation.

All of this is a direct result of students being unaware and unskilled by the end of their graduation. This lack of skill also extend to the softer aspects of a student’s profile which includes things like presentation, communication skills etc

It can’t be emphasised enough, but students need to be skilled to meet industry standards.

As Alex George from ITLH explains it - “The current education system follows something we call the ‘do after learning’ model.

In this model, students are taught in theory and are expected to implement them at work. Its an unrealistic expectation.

The real game here is to shift this perspective from ‘do after learning’ to ‘learn by doing’. And that is what we at ITLH have committed ourselves to.”

How we do

Specialised Training:

IT training requires strong understanding of logic. When it comes to ITLH, the trainers are experts from the Industry with rich IT experience. They are still very much connected to the corporate world to impart relevant knowledge.

In depth Curriculum:

Courses at ITLH are very well defined and cover the latest release of every technology. We make sure to cover all the later updates in the languages we teach.

Real-Time projects:

ITLH being an initiative of an IT company uses this to their advantage where students in the course of the training get deployed in live projects. We offer a perfect balance of theoretical and practical learning with due importance being given to live projects.


We make sure that all our courses are extremely feasible for the students. Our freelancer’s opportunity also gives a platform to the student to gain experience and eventually earn the course money back.

Course Certification and Internship Letter:

Being an IT company initiative, we offer internship letters to the students who finish the course and submit their live projects.

Dedicated practice Sessions:

ITLH offers extra practice sessions with company developers teach student, so that students can back their learnings with enough practice.

Freelancing and Job Assistance:

One of our most important features is the freelancers Community that all our students get to be a part of post course completion. Students get access to our corporate projects and get a chance to earn while gaining experience and credibility. Since we are an initiative by an IT company, ITLH has strong network of IT companies with ample internships and job opportunities.

What we do

We live up to our purpose and deliver our unique learning process in various areas

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UI/UX Designing

Creativity is something that cannot be adapted by AI and robots. The sector of UI/UX is booming and the demand for the same is increasing around the globe. We, at ITLH, help you achieve the industry standards with our intense 3-month program.


Machine Learning

Our 3 month intensive online program has been carefully curated keeping in mind the current industry demands. It is to be noted that the lecture are not pre recorded. It’s a live interactive session and live training conducted with one on one mentoring.


Full Stack LAMP Development

Want to become an allrounder in the world of web development? Take this comprehensive full stack web development course and possess the superpower to build enterprise level applications. Build Websites, Web Applications, ERP systems, CRM tools and virtually anything that runs on the internet.

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Frontend Development

Want to become a professional web developer? Take this comprehensive Front End Development course and possess the superpower to build static and dynamic websites.