Information Technology Learning Hub (ITLH), an initiative of an IT firm ‘Centillion-a division of amexs Business Solutions Pvt LTD’, is started with the intent of helping students improve their coding skill and knowledge by real life practical experience.

ITLH has pledged to redefine professional skill development of youth by giving them an opportunity of experiential learning and imparting them with practical knowledge. Learning and growth is being redefined and students are looking for solutions that are of quality.

A staggering number of graduates and postgraduates are unemployed, or stuck in a career rut and employed graduates find themselves with the same job profile even after years. To add to it, companies do not want to hire recent graduates anymore and salaries are down to the bare minimum. Therefore, students need something over and above a basic formal education if they want to create a dynamic, stable career for themselves. ITLH being a youth oriented initiative has taken the responsibility of solving the problem of un-employability and poor professional skill training by designing its programs in such a way that it gives students a reality check.

ITLH truly believes in the impact that experiential learning can provide and thus our program gives equal importance to both the theoretical and practical aspect of IT, ensuring that students don’t just know the concept, but they practice and learn it in real time. We have so far trained over a hundred students all across Mumbai.