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About This Course

Want to become a professional web developer? Take this comprehensive Front End Development course and possess the superpower to build static and dynamic websites.

Learn the depths of front end development.
Become a master in developing scalable backend for applications.
Understand how to deploy and manage your applications on cloud based services.
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React JS


Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions.

Download the detailed Syllabus here
  • Forms
  • Tables
  • Links
  • Images
  • Basic HTML Markup

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Amidst this pandemic and economic slowdown, we are striving to ensure everyone is able to avail this course which is why we have introduced a direct 15,000 discount on the whole course fee.




Early bird discount of 15,000 applicable till 10th July

ITLH: UI design courses online
The UX UI design course online is a design-centric methodology to user experience and user interface, offering skill-based and practical instruction for visual communications. We do not simply focus on programming or marketing alone and demonstrate and summarise UI development, starting from defining the project’s scope, information architecture and strategies over the mentioned four courses. We also teach you the current conventions and practices in UI design, such as developing wireframes and sitemaps to create compelling content for mobile applications and websites.

As the user interface is a high-demand domain, we prepare you with all the required knowledge and skills applying to several career options. With the best UI development course, you can work across human-computer interaction, website design and marketing. Learners who are enrolled in the UI design specialisation technology has tremendous potential, as you will learn about JavaScript, Form Elements, HTML, Advanced JavaScript, HTML5, CSS Properties, CSS3, AJAX, jQuery, NodeJS, Angular JS framework, controlled components and REACTJS apart from working on real-time projects.

Who can enrol themselves for a UI design course?
For UI developer courses online, you do not have any prerequisites set in order. Mobile and website designers, professional designers, photoshop experts, product managers and graduates interested in UI development. The UI developer emphasises the crucial components as offered by the trainer, but you enjoy a complete course and study material covering the projects. Non-visual and visual exercises are essential to organising screen-based content, applying acquired knowledge, creating visual mockups and wireframes and defining strategies and goals. By the end of the specialisation, you have a mid-level digital prototype along with a simulated plan and functionality for designing a complicated website. In the UI UX developer course, you work with CSS 3, HTML5 and HTML along with other UI developers responsibilities and roles. It covers CSS properties, JavaScript, data structures and data types, Form elements, AngularJS framework, advanced Javascript, controlled components, REACTJS and NodeJS. Website designer, front-end developers, UI developers, website developers and end-users who are interested in UI development and design.

How is the UI design course designed?
Enrol yourself in the UI developer course by reviewing the course and choosing the suitable one. One of the best things about the specialisation course is that you can pause or end the subscription anytime you want. For further information and insights, check your learner dashboard to record course enrollments. Once you complete the course, you will get a certificate showcasing your prospective network and employees. In addition, you will receive customised employee training with the top industry experts. Opt for the correct training mode that matches your time, budget and convenience: classroom modes, self-paced and live instructor online.

Make a convenient time and work schedule, engage in discussion, exercises and demonstration depending on the real-time cases. Customise the course according to the project requirements, and learn industry insights delivered by the top experts and training. Thus, the course enhances the real-time project needs and skills, along with working on new projects and technical possibilities. If you are looking for a UI developer course online, contact us at ITLH.