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About This Course

Want to become a professional web developer? Take this comprehensive Front End Development course and possess the superpower to build static and dynamic websites.

Learn the depths of front end development.
Become a master in developing scalable backend for applications.
Understand how to deploy and manage your applications on cloud based services.
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React JS


Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions.

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  • Forms
  • Tables
  • Links
  • Images
  • Basic HTML Markup

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Batch Starting from: 24th September, 2022

Trainer Details

Mr. Alpesh Gaikwad,

He is a Full Stack Developer & Lead Solutions Architect with 14 years of Experience with Multiple large-scale companies such as Mastek, GEP Worldwide, Quinnox, Willis Towers Watson, having also delivered corporate training for various Tech Giants.

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Pranit Yadav

My experience about ITLH is too good. I got everything which I want to learn and understand. I have had multiple engagements with them. I have taken up UI/UX Design course and Front end development course. I am currently pursuing another course with Team ITLH.

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Akhil Pillai

Before ITLH I never really was that interested in coding. But the experience here has brought a positive change in me. I'm passionate about it now and have exposure to the latest technologies, but most importantly it has changed the way I approach any problem. I also did my internship here, which further introduced me to more advanced frameworks and office environment. The experience as an employee boosted my case during my placements. All thanks to the opportunity they gave me and the staff here.

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Chetan Kalra

ITLH provides a great way to develop true coding skills. ITLH is unique because of its corporate environment where we got to work in groups to build a complete e-commerce website.

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Chirag Obhan

ITLH has given me an exposure to practical development and it is so different from any other Institute or University. The faculty is working professionals and are always supportive when you have doubts, even after the course. I'm still in touch with a few of them and it is only because of the flexibility of ITLH that we were able to prepare ourselves and launch our own startup "betmount.com" . Trust me, I don't regret spending my time here :)

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Daphne Wilson

ITLH was a great experience. I was able to get placed in Ingram because of the skills I gained at ITLH. ITLH gave me the exposure and knowledge I did not have in spite of being an IT student.

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Faisal Khan

Confidence in my concept and quick answers in my interview has really helped me in bagging the highest package in my college, DBIT. Real-time scenarios which takes place in live projects and handling server congestion with time estimation was clearly understood by me. Proof of Concept and Spike creations on certain concepts has played a major role in smooth coding experience. A complete mix of technological understanding and work process is what Centillion and ITLH gave me. Learning Laravel, webrtc , aws ec2 , Ajax and many more concepts which are the building blocks of big projects in the industry were clearly understood while I was working and learning.

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Divya Satija

I am still pursuing my course and it has been pretty good so far. The classes are really interactive and training happens on one on one basis which I highly appreciate.

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Sunita Gaikwad

Had a great learning with ITLH team, they mentored and helped me to improve my skills in the field of UI/UX Design, they always give guidance and resources which helps alot. Big thanks to ITLH & I wish them all the best.

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Shivangi Kadam

I was searching for UI/UX course, for quite long time, fortunately found ITLH add on Facebook, was totally different experience, very interactive sessions and mentors are totally very co-operative, it was never a classroom feel.

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Shweta Patade

ITLH is a best place to develop your skills and build your career. All the staff and mentors are very helpful and they are not just limited to the course they will continue to help you even after the course is completed. The final project helps you build a professional portfolio. Overall I can gladly say that it was a fun experience to learn UI/UX Designing and I've received so many opportunities after this course.

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Being Graphics & Product Designer, I always wanted to gain in depth knowledge about Interface Design. Doing UI/UX Certification from ITLH helped me utilize my lockdown period fruitfully in upgrading skills & finding better opportunity to work.

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Rohan Ingale

ITLH is a great institution to learn Web Technologies and Cross-Platform Application development. The staff and instructors here are always helpful and are looking out for you. The atmosphere here is great. I have loved my time at this Institute. ITLH has helped me to bring out the best in me.

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Rushikesh Chavan

ITLH is a platform from where I actually got a complete hands-on experience on the practical aspect of the technology. The trainers here are highly qualified and experienced. Training is provided by working professionals so the students are updated with the latest technology. Learning from here made me capable enough to build the technical backend for betmount.com !

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Dhruv Phulsundar

I can positively say that ITLH has helped me gain good technical knowledge that no college curriculum can provide. The course, as advertised is completely practical and hands-on, taught by industry experts. One can easily understand the coding concepts even without having any prior coding knowledge, all credit goes to the diligent teachers. The course has a bitter-sweet ending in which one has to put all the training knowledge into action by working on a real world application. Overall it was a great training/fun learning experience.

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Joshua Periera

I always was interested in computers and software and coding. I Wanted to learn how to design websites or create apps etc. So I chose to do IT engineering. When I realized that the engineering syllabus consisted of not much of a hands-on learning experience and very little exposure to real-time development I knew I had to look for other avenues to pursue this interest of mine.
Now ITLH came to my college and introduced us to their curriculum and they knew the current problems faced by us as students. That sparked the interest in me to go forth and join ITLH. And now as I'm midway through my course I feel that it was a good decision that I made.

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Sachin Singh

ITLH has given me the skills and confidence to become a programmer. Being an Instrumentation student, I was not aware of any programming languages. But with the exceptional trainers at ITLH I got a great company like experience and a chance to work on live projects.

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Diksha Motwani

Started to love coding, ITLH has completely changed my perspective towards programming.

ITLH: UI design courses online
A UI developer is best described as part-designer, part-developer. This role combines user experience and user interface design with key front-end development skills such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and ReactJS. We do not simply focus on programming or marketing alone and demonstrate and summarise UI development, starting from defining the project's scope, information architecture and strategies over the mentioned four courses. We also teach you the current conventions and practices in UI design, such as developing wireframes and sitemaps to create compelling content for mobile applications and websites.

As the user interface is a high-demand domain, we prepare you with all the required knowledge and skills applying to several career options. With the best UI development course, you can work across human-computer interaction, website design and marketing. Learners who are enrolled in the UI design specialisation technology has tremendous potential, as you will learn about JavaScript, Form Elements, HTML, Advanced JavaScript, HTML5, CSS Properties, CSS3, AJAX, jQuery, NodeJS, Angular JS framework, controlled components and REACTJS apart from working on real-time projects.

Who can enrol themselves for a UI design course?
For UI developer courses online, you do not have any prerequisites set in order. Mobile and website designers, professional designers, photoshop experts, product managers and graduates interested in UI development. The UI developer emphasises the crucial components as offered by the trainer, but you enjoy a complete course and study material covering the projects. Non-visual and visual exercises are essential to organising screen-based content, applying acquired knowledge, creating visual mockups and wireframes and defining strategies and goals. By the end of the specialisation, you have a mid-level digital prototype along with a simulated plan and functionality for designing a complicated website. In the UI UX developer course, you work with CSS 3, HTML5 and HTML along with other UI developers responsibilities and roles. It covers CSS properties, JavaScript, data structures and data types, Form elements, AngularJS framework, advanced Javascript, controlled components, REACTJS and NodeJS. Website designer, front-end developers, UI developers, website developers and end-users who are interested in UI development and design.

How is the UI design course designed?
Enrol yourself in the UI developer course by reviewing the course and choosing the suitable one. One of the best things about the specialisation course is that you can pause or end the subscription anytime you want. For further information and insights, check your learner dashboard to record course enrollments. Once you complete the course, you will get a certificate showcasing your prospective network and employees. In addition, you will receive customised employee training with the top industry experts. Opt for the correct training mode that matches your time, budget and convenience: classroom modes, self-paced and live instructor online.

Make a convenient time and work schedule, engage in discussion, exercises and demonstration depending on the real-time cases. Customise the course according to the project requirements, and learn industry insights delivered by the top experts and training. Thus, the course enhances the real-time project needs and skills, along with working on new projects and technical possibilities. If you are looking for a UI developer course online, contact us at ITLH.

While one doesn't need to be highly proficient in coding, having basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, etc., available as part of online UI development course will surely help.
UI developer is a design-oriented personnel designing components that front-end developers make use of or take inspiration from while developing the front-end. UI development course has a brief explanation on this.
No, UI/UX doesn't necessarily require coding. One can easily get started with learning it in a good UI UX Developer Course without having any prior knowledge of coding.
UI developers are design and development-oriented, whereas UX designers work on creating a flawless user experience with the supreme look and feel. UI developer courses help one get good exposure to UI.
With the help of some good UI developer course online, you can easily learn and have hands-on experience developing projects through the taught technologies. Although a thorough practice & learning is the key.
Improvement comes with practice and experience. Also, one can enrol in UI developer courses and certifications by working on projects, deploying your work, and finally working on end-user feedback.
ITLH should be your one-stop solution for learning anything and everything about UI online. Our UI developer course online is a perfect blend of theoretical conceptions packed with practical assignments.
UI development is a promising career for one with a strong visual and creative mindset. With UI developer courses and eagerness to learn, anyone can become a good professional.
React.js is one of the most demanded frameworks on the market; it is now used by 31.3 percent of all professionals globally. It is used to build application such as Netflix, PayPal, eBay & Airbnb!
  1. It is used by multiple startups
  2. You get to learn how to make progressive web apps
  3. It involves the knowledge and application of SEO, making it an added skillset
  4. You can build highly engaging websites and apps in less time
  5. Also, it is versatile and easy to learn
  1. The mentor for your batch is a corporate trainer who has trained employees for companies like Capgemini.
  2. We have a high self-placement ratio due to a major focus on practical learning.
  3. Our syllabus is dynamic and updated with global industry practices.
  4. We are a community that helps to build your career through our alumni network.
  5. Lifetime placement assistance. Even after your course ends we are there to support you with opportunities.
  6. Work on Live project to gain practical experience and get a internship letter from a technology based company.
  7. Access to Freelancing opportunities.