Designing a Uber based Laundry Application

03 May, 2020

Splash Screen of Uber for Laundry call WashSpeed
This is one of the first projects I have ever worked on. I actually ended up having a startup idea for Laundromats in India, this is a sector that hasn't reach its potential in India yet.
WashSpeed is an online laundry solution that solved laundry troubles for college students and anyone who needs laundry service, providing fast and economical laundry service.


Like most of the young generation, I am also quite lazy to iron my clothes, wash them, or give them to laundry. Even though I have tried and tested being obedient towards washing my clothes or giving them to laundry, but somehow this doesn't work for me. Also if you see, Laundromats in India are just like Mumbai Local in Monsoon, never on time and not worth the patience.

Also, It’s often a cumbersome task as the information and instructions for washing the clothes are communicated verbally to the laundromats. Often times, this leads to either a bad quality wash or clothes simply being misplaced or just delay it by a day or most by a week.

Problem Statement

Back in August 2019, I was on a student exchange program in Indonesia, I had no option to wash my clothes by my own or give it to laundry, So I went to a nearby laundromat and I was actually quite surprised to see, the kind of well-managed laundry service they had, On-time delivery, They literally had a Uber-type service for Laundromats across the city and that made me wonder, If a similar type service is launched in India, Well I actually started working on the idea after I came back to India.

I did some research and asked several other bachelors and students across my locality, if they would like to have an app for that, just like the similar model I experienced in Indonesia. As a full-time student, So, I decided to connect the user to the laundry service through an app that tackles the problems of manual washing and traditional laundry services. No more time consuming, low quality, mismatched washes.


This was the application which I used during my time in Indonesia, name

I also checked the android market for similar apps in India, I did registration on their app and also saw their UI and UX flow.

Laundrapp — This app solved a lot of the pain points I had noted down from the interviews, the UI is consistent but the process of ordering was pretty confusing. It had a few redundant options. For example, there are options to choose clothes individually as well as a ‘Wash Clothes’ option on the main screen.

Laundryman — Almost exactly similar to the laundry app.

Dhobilite — Poor UI, Lack of options, Absence of prices, Painful registration.

Design Thinking Process


Business Goal

  • Reduce the offline load of the user.
  • Increasing the customers to laundromats.
  • Giving users adequate services.

Understanding the 3W’s: Who, Why and What

Who: It can be used by all kinds of users, especially for bachelors and college-going students

What: An app designed for both the user and Laundromats for better online-based business and communication.

Why: This app helps users to check the availability of Laundromats, provides simple steps to place orders and payment process. Also, it helps the Laundromats to organize their orders and to schedule their pickups and delivery.


User Interview

So, I started the study by interviewing a few of my batch mates regarding the laundry service provided by the hostel and noted down the problems they had with the existing system for washing clothes and the potential solutions for them.

I conducted semi-structured interviews with users and Laundromats hoping to narrow down specific problems and to provide an achievable design solution. Below I have mentioned the few questions which I asked during the interview.

Interview Questions: Users

  1. How often do you give your clothes to Laundromats?
  2. What are the problems you faced while placing an order and receive the clothes back from Laundromats?

Interview Questions: Laundromats

  1. How you receive and negotiate the orders?
  2. Have you ever had trouble finding customers?
  3. Do you agree with the existence of a mobile app makes your work easier?

User Personas

I created the personas based on the outcomes of the user research. I made a few sample persona that fits in:



My main aim through this app was having a user flow which is very for the user to understand, That would initiate an engaging factor for the users, and also make the booking, order tracking, point’s allocation in an easy way.

So I tried a simple flow, and then added few more screens in the wireframing part

Apologies for the bad sketching (:

User Journey/App Flow

Screen 1(Splash/loading screen)

Screen 2, 3, 4, 5, 6(walkthrough- all app info with graphic and text)

Screen 7 (Login Screen), Screen 8 (Register screen) — (did not work on forgot password and other login register flow as service flow is necessary, so I concentrate on service process flow)

Screen 9 (Add Address), Screen 10 (Location marking)-

User can add his/her address, and he has another option to add address via location

Screen 10(home screen)- If there is an existing user then, he/she will get the notification regarding his/her order status

Screen 11 (home screen,If the user is new)- In that case, user will get options of various services as well as laundromats nearby him

Screen 12 (Choose Laundromat), Screen 13 (Add Clothes),

User can choose nearby laundromats and there is distance also given and ratings.He/She can choose his clothes to type within the list and also add his own product.

Screen 14 (Review order/edit/add ), Screen 15 (Add address ), Screen 16 (Select pick up date/time and delivery date & time), Screen 17 (Select payment method ) — He/She can review his clothes/order and select pickup location with pick update date and time and delivery date & time (by default delivery time is 1 day).

Screen 18 (Order Confirmation ), Screen 19 (Track Order ), Screen 20 (Order Details ), Screen 21 (My Order screen ), Screen 22,23 (Try again or Change the payment method)- Later he can track his order and check all his past and upcoming orders and also he can cancel the order or change the method of payment.

Screen 24 and 25(My Account Section and Edit ) — He has the option to call/help and my account section for some personal info and can edit the same.


After making the initial sketches and user flow, I sketched the Lo-Fi Wireframes, trying to keep it as simple, familiar, and streamlined as possible.

User Interface

The High Fidelity Wireframes, were centric to user experienced and to the flow. The designs initially were quite subtle and followed the usual practices of laundry apps that were there in the market.

Also, I tried to keep it as simple as possible without having many vectors and designs.


I really enjoyed the design process for this project. Rethinking things such as the typical contact form or payment field really helped me to think more linearly about the absolute basics of user-app interaction. I also learned a lot about using different colors to indicate complete and incomplete fields.

I am right now working on the prototype of WashSpeed, Still seeking some more add-ons in my prototype

Invision MoodBoard Link

Below is the link of all the wireframes and UI screens