UX/UI case study — Nailuscious

03 May, 2020

Animated Mock-up of my UI

Nailuscious is an appointment booking mobile application, which allows users to book nail art appointments according to their own preferences. This App will only book appointments for the franchise of — NAILUSCIOUS.

With everything progressing so rapidly it’s no shock that there is no App available to book nail art appointments.

The App will improve the process of calling, waiting, and still not be able to get an appointment according to your own preference. Just a few clicks and bam!! your appointment will be booked successfully with the flexibility of also canceling or rescheduling it without having to wait.

The problem:

  1. No application for booking a Nail art appointment.
  2. Need to book the appointment well in advance.
  3. Need a genuine way to buy nail art products.

The solution:

Designing a completely new application for the above problem statement

  1. Seemingly book nail art appointments.
  2. Book, Reschedule, cancel nail art appointment anytime, anywhere.
  3. Buy all the custom made and genuine nail art products.

Initial research:

As you can see in the attached image below, I’ve not found one application that does the job of booking an appointment for nail arts.

After some initial research, I took online surveys and the results were as follows:

Surprised? In such a busy lifestyle people are still preferring to call and go through a time-wasting and hectic process just instead of booking it online? Well, we need to show how easy peasy it will be using a mobile app. Mobile App was preferred over websites because it was the most considerable option after a phone call.

Two scenarios are:

  1. Might be a potential user

Use case 1: When the saloon is unhygienic, I want home services So I can have the services with comfort and hygiene.

2. May not be a potential user

Use case 2: When the prices are high, I want to learn things on my own So I can save money.

Information Architecture:

After hours of brainstorming for a quick and simple flow of booking an appointment. This was the output.


Now it was time to put all ideas on paper. Here are the sketches that I drew.


The next step is to make lo-fi wireframes to understand the placement and arrangements in a better way which will be later created into a high fidelity UI.


It’s time to convert wireframes into high fidelity visual design.


There was a lot of learning process throughout this journey as this was the first actual product that I’ve worked on and my first work experience in this career, I hope I’ve made justice with it. The most important thing I learned is we can always take inputs from users/clients but in the end, it’s we who provide the solution. It’s we who put it out there as they might not know what they want until we show them. I would like to end this article on a quote

“If I’d asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horse.” ~ Henry Ford

Here’s a link to my project screens.

Leave your feedback to help me improve. Thank you! ?